Frequently Asked Questions:


Do You Provide Guarantee For Dyed Colors?

No, we don't provide guarantee for dyed colors but as such all colors are fast except few colors.



Do You Have A Shade Card?

You can order our Shade Card or you can use our Shades on our website to place an order online. 


Will The Price Reduce Over A Period Of Time For These Fabrics?

Normally, we do not reduce the prices for these fabrics as such all fabrics are evergreen. 



What If I Am Planning To Buy These Fabrics In Bulk?

Please feel free to Contact Us so that we can contact you by email or phone with the best possible rates. 



How Do I Check The Status Of My Order?

All customers will receive an e-mail advising you when your order has shipped and we will keep you update on the same or you can check under Track My Orders option given on our website.



Are These Latest Fabrics or Not?

Not necessarily the latest, as the selection of these fabrics are based on the actual sales data. 



Do You Provide Fabric Swatches?

We provide swatches of all our fabrics for FREE, you just need to pay the shipping charges. We suggest our customers to order the swatches initially so that they can check the quality of our fabrics and then order in bulk or as per your requirement. 



Do You Maintain The Quality Of Your Fabrics?

We do maintain the quality of our fabrics. Our fabric quality is checked by our specialists at every phase of the manufacturing process to meet our quality product standards.



When Do You Usually Update Your Fabrics?

Our Fabrics and salwar suits catalogs are updated depending upon the needs in the market. 



Do You Have A Catalog?

We do not offer catalog for fabrics. We are providing catalogs for salwar suits only. All our fabrics can be found on our website with a description, and you can order the swatches for FREE to check the quality of our fabrics. Everything you need to know is right at your fingertips. 



Do You Have A Physical Store?

We have our store located in Surat, Gujarat, India.  


You can Contact US to immediately get the best possible solutions and information.